Who Are We?

Our small firm consists of Mike Greenleaf and his two assistants, Deloris and Joie.

Mike holds degrees from Morris Harvey College (B. S. Accounting - 1974) and Marshall University (M.B.A. Accounting - 1980).  Mike is a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and is admitted to practice before all levels of the Internal Revenue Service.  For over thirty years, Mike has successfully represented taxpayers with IRS disputes. 

With the capable assistance of Deloris and Joie, the real challenge is to prevent problems in the first place.  We do that through research and thorough education in the continually expanding United States Tax Code.  We review U. S. Tax Court decisions on a daily basis to stay abreast of that which works and that which does not work.

Mike provides total financial services to individuals, small businesses and other small entities.  We leave the big businesses to big firms.  Our business client base consists of smaller businesses with gross revenues generally under $5 million. Our focus on small business permits us to specialize in matters important to small business as well as react quickly to changing circumstances.  There are no committees at Greenleaf and Associates.

Other than this website and a listing in the yellow pages, we don't advertise. We get new clients from the people who know us best - our clients.

We are always respectful of the auditors and revenue officers with whom we come into contact.  At the same time we fearlessly and zealously represent our clients and guard their interests.

We welcome you to contact us anytime.